HB Coordinating Council Formed in 1969

The HB City Council created the HBCC to coordinate the good works of charitable organizations .

The Huntington Beach City Council called upon service organizations and charities to form a new entity that would foster cooperation and coordination of good works within the city.  Since its creation in 1969, the Huntington Beach Coordinating Council has met monthly to enable member organizations' delegates to share key activities and provide mutual support to help them achieve their missions. 


Fifty Years of Service!


Help Charities Succeed!

The HB Coordinating Council was created in 1969 to help organizations accomplish their missions and goals!


HBCC Delegates

Delegates share upcoming events and network to strengthen their organizations as well as support fellow member charities and service groups!

For More Information

Sandy Mendrella, our Vice President of Hospitality,  is eager to hear from you.  She'll answer your questions and help you become a member.  You can email her at hbcoordinatingcouncil@gmail.com.